2022-04-05 Process Committee Agenda

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Meeting Info

Join Zoom Meeting: https://rsna-org.zoom.us/j/81919397380?pwd=SGd3aHhocXJ4UzczNDVsTkdobXFodz09

Meeting ID: 819 1939 7380 | Passcode: Process

Process Coordinating Committee page


Streamlined_Profile_Template [10-15 min]

  • fMRI Status update
  • Key: David, Kathy, Mike

Maintenance/Versioning/Naming [10 min]

  • Homework: Kevin to assemble pointers for emailing out to the committee (and CC cochairs)
  • Reach out to CC Cochairs on versioning (noting it's not concrete yet, still cloud of ideas)
  • Key: MRE (Kay), FDG (Gudrun will ask Jeff to recommend), DWI (Mike)

Estimates_of_Precision [15 min]

  • Plans for Wrapping-up
  • Key: Nancy

Process_Coordinating_Committee#Profile_Selection_Process_.28SCP.29 [10 min]

  • Start discussion to feed into the QIBA Meetings
  • There are more things that QIBA could conceivably work on than we have the bandwidth to actually work on.
  • How do we determine a proposal is the best use of our time rather than a conceivable use of our time.
  • Which characteristics of past profiles have set the stage for success and which have set the stage for roadblocks?
  • How can we look for those in new proposals?

Next Meeting Agenda & New Business [10 min]