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:Secretary: Tori Peoples
:Secretary: Tori Peoples
*Roster is being updated
* [https://tinyurl.com/QIBA-Steering-Cmte Roster]

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Chairs: Edward F. Jackson, PhD (Chair); Alexander Guimaraes, M.D., Ph.D. (Vice-Chair)
Secretary: Tori Peoples


The Steering Committee is responsible for managing the strategic direction, processes and inftrastructure for QIBA and overall oversight of the QIBA activities and committees.

Current Work

Working Documents

<link to the GoogleSheet? - seeing the projects and publications would be interesting and having a one-stop shop is nice.>

2015-2017 NIBIB Contract Details (HHSN268201500021C)

2013-2015 NIBIB Contract Details (HHSN268201300071C)

2010-2012 NIBIB Contract Details (HHSN268201000050C)

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