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QIBA Profile Stage Descriptions February 2016

Over time QIBA revises draft Profiles, collects information, and becomes increasingly confident of its ability to achieve the stated claim. However QIBA does not want to withhold Profiles until they are "perfect".

Depending on how they intend to use the Profile, some users will find Profiles valuable even with only modest QIBA confidence, while others will count on achieving the claims exactly. Profile stages are intended to communicate the stage of maturity or confidence clearly and allow users to make their own choice about what meets their needs.


  • Stage 1 - Public Comment
  • Stage 2 - Consensus
  • Stage 3 - Technically Confirmed
  • Stage 4 - Claim Confirmed - site(s) have performed the profile and achieved the claimed performance
  • Stage 5 - Clinically Confirmed

Stage 1: Public Comment