Pilot Conformance Projects Under Development

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QIBA Profile Conformance

{This content will eventually be available on the RSNA.org website.}

QIBA Profiles that are at least at consensus level (link to wiki page on development of a Profile) are available to interested parties (clinical sites, CROs, equipment and/or software vendors) to demonstrate that all relevant actors of an institution or product conform to the respective QIBA Profile. There are two different ways to show QIBA Profile conformance:

  • Self – attestation
  • Certification service

The basic process flow is shown below:

Profile Conformance Image.jpg

Before starting conformance testing, please Email QIBA

Self Attestation of Conformance

The following QIBA Profiles have reached the Consensus Stage or the Technically Confirmed Stage, and are thus appropriate for self-attestation conformance testing.

CT: Lung Tumor Volume (Advanced Disease)

  • Report Template

FDG-PET: Solid Tumor SUV

MR: ADC-DW MR Lesions in Four Organs

QIBA or Designee Testing of Conformance

CT Small Lung Nodule Volumetry for Screening