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'''Approved call summaries:'''
'''Approved call summaries:'''
*[[Media:01 28 2020 QIBA US SWS BC Call Summary-FINAL.pdf | January 28, 2020]]
*[[Media:01 13 2019 QIBA Multi-parametric Metrology Call Summary-FINAL.pdf | January 13, 2020]]
*[[Media:12 16 2019 QIBA Multi-parametric Metrology Call Summary-FINAL.pdf | December 16, 2019]]
'''[[Metrology Committee Call Summaries Archive]]'''
'''[[Metrology Committee Call Summaries Archive]]'''

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Chairs: Nancy Obuchowski (Co-Chair); Erich Huang (Co-chair)
RSNA Staff Support: Julie Lisiecki
  • Roster/Attendance


The Metrology Committee supports QIBA Biomarker Committees by providing expertise in bio-statistics and metrology.

  • Develop guidance documents
  • Respond to committee questions

The Metrology Committee is currently operating as the Multi-parametric Metrology Task Force under the QIBA Steering Committee.

Meetings/Call Summaries

Biweekly Tcons (Contact Julie for details)

Approved call summaries:

Metrology Committee Call Summaries Archive

Working Documents

Current Work

  • Multi-parametric biomarkers